Steerpath indoor positioning is created by Nimble Devices

We have several decades of experience in all aspects of product development, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies.

The reason for Steerpath

The reason we are working with indoor positioning is to help people. We have all been frustrated in a supermarket looking for that last item on our shopping list, or stressed about not finding the right train platform in a busy transit hub. Exploring a museum shouldn't happen at predefined pace and tour, getting assistance when you need it shouldn't require finding the right place to queue in.

We believe that our personal devices could provide much more help and assistance when we need it. The user experiences could become less intrusive and the daily tasks could be made more engaging and less frustrating. All this through providing more knowledge about where the user is, what they are doing and what is around them.

Steerpath is not about providing maps, blue dots and route lines. It is about enabling seamless un-intrusive experiences, to take away frustration and allow people to focus on enjoying what they are doing.


Even though the company was only founded in 2013 (as Nimble Devices), the roots of what we do go far further back. Some of us have close to a decade of industry experience in Bluetooth and wireless technologies. Most of us were developing Bluetooth 4.0 products long before the revolution in connected devices started with Apple launching the technology in their mobile phones.

With two master's thesises about Bluetooth technology, one focusing on positioning with Bluetooth 4.0, we knew the huge potential as well as the many hurdles to overcome. With our strong background in product development of cyber-physcial systems we also had the capability to bring viable products to market.

We have been able to bring together different strengths to deliver a solution our customers love and we are very exited to bare witness to some of the innovations that have already come out from the collaboration.

Team Steerpath

Mikko Virkkilä

Mikko Virkkilä

Mikko's background in several product development and management roles makes him a bit of a jack of all trades. 

He has a M.Sc. in Automation and considerable experience in embedded- and cross platform software development.


Tuomas Ilola

Tuomas Ilola

Tuomas brings close to a decade of experience in helping customers realize the best possible solutions using wireless technologies. 

His' research and thesis about indoor positioning laid much of the ground work for what Nimble Devices does today.


Sam Pullen

Sam Pullen

Sam left the UK after selling his own business and went to live and work in Australia for a few years before settling down here in Finland.


Tuikku - GIS

Spatial data specialist and back-end developer


Jussi - iOS

Advanced mobile developer iOS and Android background and mobile gaming experience



Olli - Android

10+ years of mobile SW development experience from Java ME to latest Androids


Juhani - Web

Talented web and Android developer