Movable beacon proximity zones

When flexibility in location and local accuracy is required at the same time, so called movable zones can provide a solution. As opposed to a geofence zone which is tied to a specific location, movable zones are tied to the proximity of a beacon. This means that if the beacon moves, then the zone is moved with it. 

The accuracy of the movable zones can be specified to a higher degree than with geofence zones: A zone can trigger for example only when the user's phone is closer than 30cm from the beacon. 

Movable zones also support the concept of delayed triggers based on dwell time. It is possible to specify that a trigger of entry or exit should only fire once the person has been in or out of the movable zone for a predefined amount of time. 

The Apple iBeacon limit of 20 simultaneous zones does not apply when using the Steerpath movable beacon zones or geofences.