Steerpath Indoor Positioning in a Box
Starter kit


Starter kit includes:

Hassle free way to evaluate & demo market leading indoor positioning technology
without coding, configuring or calibrating anything.

  • 24 x Positioning beacons

  • Initial map creation by Steerpath team

  • 1500m2 active area

  • Quick and easy installation map

  • Demo iOS and Android app

  • Technical support

  • No onsite calibration or configuration

  • Includes development license

Starter kit delivery process:

  1. Fill details in Starter kit order form
  2. Our team will approach you for details about the venue
  3. Pay invoice with credit card
  4. Maps are created by our team and beacons are shipped to you
  5. Install the beacons according to installation map
  6. Download the Steerpath app and insert API keys
    You are ready to test Steerpath indoor wayfinding at your own premises!
  7. Integrate Steerpath into your own application using our multiplatform SDKs

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