1. Place beacons

Note: If you have existing beacon infrastructure you can use it instead and skip this step.

Our SDK contains instructions for how to place your beacons for optimal use. If you are unsure of what beacons to use, feel free to contact us and we can recommend beacons best suited for your requirements.

2. Draw a map

Note: If you want to skip this step, you can send the floorplan as png or pdf to us and we can create the map for you as a service. Contact sales@steerpath.com

Draw a map of the venue where you mark the beacon locations and their IDs. You can also mark zones, routes and points of interest in the map data. Once finished upload to our venue service and you will get an analysis and a positioning file. You can use our demonstration app to try it out.

3. Integrate into your app

Note: Before you start the integration, you can use the positioning and navigation in your venue using the steerpath example app.

Drag and drop the framework into your own app and use the simple APIs, modelled after the native GPS APIs, to retrieve a position ask for routes or get triggers when zones are entered or exited.