Steerpath indoor navigation for Open Innovation House

Steerpath indoor positioning and navigation is enabled throughout the public areas of the Open Innovation House. 

Anyone working or studying in the building is free to use the SDK and the positioning file for evaluation and educational use.

About Steerpath SDK

Note: Steerpath used to be called Nimble Devices Indoor guide and the older name is still visible in this version.

You can find the SDK and other material at the material includes.


  • Technical overview
  • Documentation for creating a map in DXF format
  • FAQ


  • Steerpath IndoorGuide.framework
  • API documentation
  • Steerpath demonstration application source code
  • Tutorial


  • IndoorGuide.aar (similar to .jar)
  • API documentation as HTML
  • API documentation as javadoc JAR
  • Minimal application source code

To download the above, please sign up at

Aalto Open Innovation House specific material