Campus Guide

Steerpath Campus Guide is a solution for modern University campuses with activity-based workspaces, cross interdisciplinary studies, group work, active studying, and working methods. It helps students as well as staff and campus visitors to find any particular space within the campus as well as to locate the nearest available workspace for any ad-hoc space need.

With Steerpath Campus Guide, your staff and students can find a space for themselves where-ever and when-ever, rush hour or not. Campus Guide uses Steerpath digital campus platform which connects with various data sources such as:

  • Google G Suite room booking status

  • Microsoft Office 365 room booking status

  • Real time occupancy sensors

  • Proprietary systems through open REST API

  • It allows users to experience the campus and its services through one unified interface


A single app for all screens

Whether the users are at home on their computer, standing at a kiosk in an entrance, or roaming along your corridors, Steerpath’s Campus Guide provides a consistent experience with all the information readily available on any platform.