Steerpath Smart Office solutions at
Senate Properties Head Office


About Senate Properties

Senate Properties is the work environment partner and specialist of the Finnish government. We are a pioneer of new ways of working and work environments. Our centralized solutions help our customers improve their efficiency and save on premises costs.

The skilled professionals of Senate manage the government's property assets and their efficient use. Senate is also responsible for the sale and development of properties no longer used by the government. Responsibility is the core in all of Senate’s actions.

Steerpath Smart Office solution

Steerpath has provided Senate Properties with the Senate App: a mobile app that serves the personnel of the Senate Properties head office in Helsinki, Finland.

The core of the Senate App consists of the digital indoor map of the building digitized by Steerpath based on the CAD floor plans of the building.


The Senate App has been integrated to the booking system Senate Properties use so that real time occupancy status of all the meeting rooms, phone booths etc. can be displayed on the digital map.

With one click a user can select e.g. an available meeting room and get turn-by-turn instructions on how to find the way there.

No more hassle when receiving an incoming call: a user can with one click find the available phone booths and find the way to it to take the call in peace and quiet.

The Senate App has also been integrated to the calendars of the Senate Properties personnel so everyone can see at a glance what is in stall for them next and how to get to the place they need to be in.

The same solution can also be used on interactive kiosks in the lobbies.

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