Wish your premises were smarter?

Do you want to know:

  • where the nearest free meeting room is and how to find your way there?

  • where your colleague is in the building?

  • that tools and machines are where they should be in the warehouse?

  • how make it easy for visitors to find a certain place at your premises?

With Steerpath you can find assets, people, spaces and routes to them either at an interactive kiosk, on a dashboard, on the web or in a mobile app. You can also find available spaces and assets and instantly use them.

Steerpath Solutions include:

  • Indoor Navigation and Maps

  • Asset Tracking

  • Employee Tracking

  • Instant Booking of Spaces and Assets

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Steerpath has an industry standard REST API and AndroidiOS and Web SDKs for easy integration with any platform. Whether you want to get or edit the points of interest or register for geo-fence triggers, we have the APIs for you. More information about the integration options can be be found at the For Developers section.


Steerpath maps are beautiful and modern. They cover both indoor and outdoor areas. Users get the same navigating experience across channels (interactive kiosks, web, mobile). You can even have the maps customized to your organization graphical style and brand.

As the user zooms in, more details such as furniture can be revealed. When zoomed out the outdoor map comes into view.

Keep your premises’ maps always up to date with Steerpath Online Map Editor.

  • Benefits

    • Routes between arbitrary points in the space with turn-by-turn instructions

    • Your real-time position indicated on the map as you move

    • Multi-building support and all buildings on one map

    • Automatic detection of floors and switching between them

    • 3D views: rotate, pan & zoom

    • All vector, no pixelation

    • Works offline

    • Available for HTML5, iOS and Android


Steerpath Asset Tracking

Steerpath Asset Tracking is a real-time location system that leverages the power of indoor positioning to deliver cost efficient tracking that works both indoors and outdoors.

In the Steerpath Online Dashboard you can see the real-time locations of your assets. Everything in visible in one global view.

We also provide you with a mobile application where your employees can view the asset locations.

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Steerpath Employee Tracking

For smart office use: Opt-in location sharing

Steerpath Employee Tracking allows your employees to share their locations with each other in the similar manner as one can share an outdoor location in applications such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Then, finding the way to your colleagues whereabouts is easy with the turn-by-turn instructions of the Steerpath Indoor Navigation.

For operative use: Continuous employee location sharing

Steerpath Employee Tracking can also be used for continuous tracking of employees locations to e.g. enhance work safety and operational efficiency.

Steerpath Instant Booking

Steerpath Instant Booking can be used to allow people to quickly find nearest available meeting room. As soon as someone enters an empty meeting room it gets automatically booked for the next 15 minutes. This way, one can enter an available meeting room anytime e.g. to make a phone call and the room appears as booked in the organization’s booking system instantly. As soon as the person leaves the room the room becomes available in the organization’s booking system again. If a meeting room is available, the user can also book it for a longer time.

Sometimes people book spaces but end up not using them and this means the space is in fact empty although the booking system shows it as booked. Steerpath Instant Booking makes the use of spaces more efficient as when there is no-one in the space it appears as free in the booking system.

Analytics for Business Intelligence Systems

If your organization uses a business intelligence system such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI, the analytics data that Steerpath collects can be imported to them.

Technical Features and Benefits

Our Bluetooth beacon based solutions work reliably in various environments. The beacons we use are waterproof  and have 4+ years of battery life. Battery status monitoring and beacon replacements are included in our prices. The beacons are preconfigured, no calibrations are needed. Steerpath works also offline.

Steerpath enables fast and reliable deployment with support across iOS, Android and HTML5.

Steerpath is being used by organizations around the world in premises like offices, hospitals or university campuses. In such environments the typical positioning accuracy is 2 - 5 meters. In large open spaces like exhibition centers or warehouses the typical positioning accuracy is 5-10 meters. (Tested: >95% within 10 meters)

Our Delivery Process

Steerpath offers an exceptionally easy process for installations large and small.

1) You to send us the floor plans of the building(s) in which you intend to use the Steerpath solution. The preferred file formats are AutoCAD files (.dwg or .dxf). If AutoCAD files are not available, you can provide the floor plans as some other vector file format (.svg, .pdf, etc.) instead. We digitize the floor plan and design the installation map for you.

3) We ship the beacons to you and send you the installation map.

4) You attach the beacons to your ceiling or have us do it, and — you are done!




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"Steerpath worked absolutely perfectly for us. It provided something to our 15 000 attendees, which they really loved to use, while helping them to find the right stages, demo stands and restaurants really easily through the app. Highly recommended!"
Miki Kuusi, Co-Founder of Slush




"The Steerpath team is exceptional. They are fast, sharp, and enjoyable to work with. Your expectations will be exceeded.” Read more
Benjamin Marasco, CEO of Pathpoint


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