Steerpath Indoor Maps & Positioning solutions

Indoor positioning

Indoor positioning

Get the same experience you get with GPS also indoors.

Outdoor and indoor maps

Indoor maps

Beautiful indoor and outdoor maps with your design.

Indoor navigation

Indoor navigation

Digital wayfinding with turn-by-turn navigation for your app, interactive kiosks and website.

Asset tracking

Asset tracking

Asset tracking allows you track people and objects. Only available for aviation customer.

Indoor analytics

Indoor analytics

Analyse how your customers are using your space.


Smart Office

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Smooth Airport Experience

Smart University Campus

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Hospital Way-finding

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Customer applications


Senatti Smart Office app & Interactive Kiosk

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Mobile office guide - Modern, simple and always with you

Instant directions to your next meeting

Intuitive search for free, suitable spaces

Integration with Outlook / Google reservations

Real-time information from sensors


iChangi Singapore Airport app & web maps


All in one: Maps, Positioning and Way-finding

Web-maps for

Solution works without network connectivity

Enhancing passenger experience

Available on all 4 terminals

Analytic reports


Aalto Space University Campus app

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Search for auditoriums, classrooms and other spaces

Real time reservation status on spaces available for students

Instant study and group work space reservation for students

Indoor positioning and floor map navigation

Emergency and exception messaging through push notifications


WayStride - Navigating the hospital experience is hard. We make it better

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"The Steerpath team is exceptional. They are fast, sharp, and enjoyable to work with. Your expectations will be exceeded.”
Benjamin Marasco, CEO of WayStride