From Stress to Quality Time at Airport
with Indoor Navigation System

We all have been there, stressed out about finding the right gate on time. Navigating through an unfamiliar airport can be stressful and time-consuming. Even the most experienced passengers can get lost in airports, as it is not always easy to keep track in the complex buildings of an airport.

Knowing the right route to right gate beforehand reduces stress when travelling. Streerpath’s indoor navigation and positioning platform allows passengers to enjoy full customer experience at airports with maximum free time. Time released from looking for the right gate can be better used by exploring what the airport has to offer in terms of shopping, working or just relaxing. At Steerpath we believe that working indoor navigation system is foundation of an excellent customer experience at airports.

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Comprehensive wayfinding

With Steerpath’s indoor navigation and positioning platform you can provide your passengers with indoor maps and overall view of the airport. Steerpath’s indoor navigation platform helps your customers to find their way smoothly to the right gate on time without stressing about missing the flight or getting lost. Indoor navigation also helps passengers to discover what’s around them and find what they need whether it is a coffee shop or an information point – or a missing fellow passenger.


Making connecting flights easier

Direct flights are not always available so catching a connecting flight is an integral part of modern traveling experience. This can be stressful and add confusion if passenger does not know where the connecting flight is going to depart. Steerpath’s indoor navigation and positioning platform helps passengers taking connecting flights to find their way to the right gate on time. Using their smartphone, they can navigate easily through the airport.

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Increasing airport turnover

Indoor navigation does not only improve passengers’ customer experience, but it also increases turnover of airport. Helping passengers to navigate easily through the airport releases time to explore different options to spend their time and money more efficiently, allowing them to enjoy the shopping, dining and other relaxing opportunities of the airport. Due to indoor navigation, customers will spend up to 30–50 % more time in shopping areas of the airport which leads to better turnover.

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Benefits of indoor navigation at airports

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Indoor navigation and positioning at airports:

  • improves quality of time spent at airports
  • helps passengers to find what they are looking for
  • reduces stress and improves customer experience
  • allows you to create truly amazing VIP-experiences
  • develop cooperation with other service providers
  • improves the overall branding and ranking of the airport
  • increases airport efficiency and return on investment.

Indoor navigation releases valuable time at airports and makes passengers’ experience as pleasant as possible. They can make the most of their time at airports when they don’t have to worry about navigating through it. Using Steerpath’s indoor navigation and positioning platform improves comprehensive customer experience by adding value to the overall airport experience.

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Getting started is easy

We at Steerpath understand the value of indoor navigation and an excellent customer experience which proves the overall branding and ranking of the airport, leaving you with more satisfied customers and passengers passing through your airport. Providing your customer with Steerpath’s indoor navigation and positioning experience is easy. You can test it with minor effort, as we offer you turnkey solution for indoor navigation and positioning. All your customer needs to do is to download the app, login, and let technology take care of the rest. Easy, effortless and helpful.