Did you know that according to research companies waste € 1000 per office employee every year for the time the employees have to spend looking for things: free meeting rooms, quiet places to respond to an incoming call, their colleagues etc.: 2017 Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report

More and more of our daily work is iterative rather than based on long term planning. According to studies 25% of our meetings are scheduled for the same day. At the same time there is a mega trend for changing the office spaces from large open offices to flexible spaces with hot desks.

Get immediate cost savings with Steerpath positioning solutions

Indoor Map and Positioning for all use cases:

Digital Indoor Navigation for Personnel

When integrated to your booking system, Steerpath indoor navigation solution allows you to see the nearest suitable work spaces on a map. The interactive map can be used in a mobile application on your mobile device when you are on the go, on the web while you are working on your PC or on an interactive kiosk in your lobby for example.

After selecting the space you want to go to the applications shows you how to get there by giving you the route with turn-by-turn instructions. You can navigate through several floors and buildings, the solution works flawlessly in those cases, too.

Asset Tracking for Personnel

Where is my colleague? Where is the nearest free mobile white board? Television? Adapter? With the Steerpath Asset Tracking solution you can see on the digital map where assets like objects or people are located. We allow for consent based location sharing only. This means, no-one’s location is automatically shared. Colleagues can request each other to share their location and the one receiving the request can decide to either share his or her location or not.

Watch a video about Steerpath solutions for office environments below: