Steerpath Android SDK - Getting started

This document shows how to install and start Steerpath Android SDK and setup simple MapActivity.


  • Android Studio can be downloaded freely from Google's site. This document assumes that reader has basic knowledge about developing Android applications.

  • Physical Android Device is needed as emulator does not have Bluetooth capabilities.

Installing SDK


Start SDK


Steerpath SDK needs to be started before further use. Your Application-class is good place to do it. Notice that operation is asynchronous and onStarted() callback notifies when SDK is ready for use.

SteerpathClient example

Basic Map & Positioning

screen_cutted_android (1).png

Create an Activity that implements SteerpathMapFragment.MapViewListener and add instance of SteerpathMapFragment to it. This example also enables positioning.

SteerpathMapFragment example

Basic Wayfinding


Use RoutePlan API to find a route between two points in a map. In this example, origin is user's current location.

RoutePlan example


Demo App

Demo App is available in Google Play