Indoor positioning SDK

Indoor Positioning and Wayfinding


Positioning and wayfinding

Positioning and wayfinding

Steerpath indoor positioning is built for robustness and has been used in environments like Airports, Hospitals, Offices, Metro & Train stations and Retail facilities. The location accuracy is 2-5m in office, hospital or residential buildings. Steerpath provides robust positioning in large open spaces such as airports and exhibitions centers where typical accuracy is 5-10m (Tested >95% within 10m). Steerpath has been used four years in a row for providing indoor positioning for leading European startup conference Slush. Typical customer is an international airport, hospital, university campuses or a retail chain.

Calibration free

With Steerpath the installation does not require any technical skills or messing with mobile applications to do error prone measurements. When you select Steerpath, only thing you need to do is place the beacons according to simple installation map.

Steerpath positioning engine can provide location even when application is running in the background and phone located in a pocket or bag. The SDK provides first position estimate typically in 2 seconds from when it was started.


Steerpath is ideal for hospitals and university campuses. It supports seamless transitioning between buildings with its positioning, routing and maps. When user enters a building the position will seamlessly continue to work indoors.

Automatic floor detection

Naturally, Steerpath detects and switches the floors automatically.

One step installation

Not just a SDK

Different to our competitors, we don't just sell an indoor positioning SDK that "Works with any beacon" or "Requires no infrastructure". For us it is important that our customers get indoor positioning working from day one and that it works the same five years later. In order to do this, we deliver to our customers indoor positioning as a ready product that anyone can install with minimal effort.


One Step installation

In our delivery model, once the maps are created, you will be delivered a Indoor positioning in a box™ that contains preconfigured beacons and an installation map. After the beacons are installed, the positioning and maps will start to work immediately with our SDK or Steerpath App for Android or iOS.

No difference if you order the starter kit or positioning system for a whole venue, Steerpath is always delivered as plug and play.

Enterprise ready

Plug and play

One of the core design principles of Steerpath has been to minimize the amount of work and special skills required to install and maintain the system. Our industry leading One step installation process allows the Steerpath system to be deployed to any building globally without the need to have specially trained team to visit the site. No difficult, time consuming and error prone things such as calibration or radio/magnetic fingerprinting is required.

Fault tolerant

Steerpath is designed to work regardless of the environment or situation the user is in. All core functionalities such as showing a map, positioning and way-finding work without internet or WiFi connectivity.


As Steerpath doesn't rely on internet connectivity or servers, it provides unlimited scalability both locally (no matter how many people are in same location using the system) or globally.


Steerpath has industry standard REST API and Android, iOS and Web SDKs for easy integration with any platform. Whether you want to get or edit the points of interests or register for geo-fence triggers, we have the APIs for you. More information about the integration options can be be found from the developer section.