Backend Services

Applications using the Steerpath SDK use our backend services to fetch POI, building and asset meta data, map tiles, route data and beacon information.

Meta API

POI, building and asset data can be viewed and edited using the Meta API. Full documentation for the Meta API is available at

By default, we provide only read API keys to our APIs with the starter kit. Editing POI meta data requires an API key with write access. If you require such a key, contact

A graphical web editor for POI meta data is upcoming.

Map data API

Map tiles and styles are requested from

Web preview for your map data<YOUR_API_KEY>

Write operations to the map data API again require an API key with write access. Please contact if you need edits to your map styles.

Route data API

Routes are fetched from The API requires an API key in either Authorization header or access_token URL parameter.