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Indoor navigation and Indoor positioning,
Asset tracking, Indoor analytics and Maps.

Steerpath offers indoor positioning and indoor navigation across industries and venues types. Our Bluetooth beacon based indoor positioning and way-finding work reliably in different environments. Our platform for indoor tracking works without wires and helps you track assets and people inside a buildings in real time. Our indoor navigation system, asset tracking and analytics solutions are used by companies spanning from airports to hospitals, from expo centers to factories.

Steerpath now powers applications all around the world, including one of the largest venues which includes four international airport terminals.

 Steerpath's technology is available as an indoor positioning SDK and can be integrated with ease to any existing system.

Are you ready to create incredible indoor maps and innovate your mobile apps with indoor positioning and wayfinding features? Steerpath enables fast and reliable deployment, with support across multiple platforms.


Indoor positioning

Steerpath indoor positioning provides accurate location services to all iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth. You can think indoor positioning system as an accurate GPS for indoors. Steerpath indoor positioning is used by Airports, hospitals, offices and expo centers. Steerpath indoor positioning system is designed to work in all environments without need for calibrations. Typical accuracy of the system is 2-5m.

Steerpath benefits

  • Easiest large scale installation

  • No technical skill required

  • Tested in all common environments

  • No calibrations required

  • Works offline

  • Waterproof 4 year beacons

What you get

  • The beacons you need, preconfigured

  • Professional planning your beacon deployment

  • Installation plan

  • Bluedot SDK for Android and iOS

Beautiful modern maps that cover both indoors and outdoors. The same experience on all platforms and even with your custom brand look. As the user zooms in, more details such as furniture can be revealed. When zoomed out the global map comes into view. Keep your venue maps always up to date on your mobile app, web site and info screens with Steerpath map platform!

What you get

  • Your floor plans as maps

  • All buildings on one map

  • iOS, Android and Web SDKs

  • Web based management UI

  • REST API for integrations

Steerpath benefits

  • Multi-building support

  • 3D views

  • Works offline

  • Rotate, pan & zoom

  • All vector, no pixelation


With Steerpath wayfinding SDK in your mobile app, website and info screens, your visitors can find their way in your venue with ease. It supports many different use cases, from navigating to your connecting flight in an airport to finding a room in a hospital.

Steerpath benefits

  • Tight integration with Steerpath indoor positioning and maps

  • Routes between arbitrary points in the venue

What you get

  • Wayfinding SDK for all platforms

  • Turn-by-turn instructions

  • Intuitive multi-floor routing


Asset tracking

Steerpath’s people and asset tracking solution leverages the power of indoor positioning to delivers cost efficient tracking that works both indoors and outdoors.

What you get

  • Web dashboard with real-time locations of your assets

  • App for staff to view asset locations

  • Real time people locations on a map

Steerpath benefits

  • Everything in one global view

  • Leverages the same infrastructure as Steerpath indoor positioning

  • No extra hardware costs


Indoor analytics

The Steerpath indoor analytics system automatically gathers metrics on how your customers use your space. You get daily reports with individual space usage graphs and an overall heat map.

Steerpath benefits

  • Automatic analytics data collection by the positioning SDK

  • No additional hardware or software required

What you get

  • Occupancy graph for each space

  • Heatmaps for each floor

  • Global view of all your buildings



Trade show


"Steerpath worked absolutely perfectly for us. It provided something to our 15 000 attendees, which they really loved to use, while helping them to find the right stages, demo stands and restaurants really easily through the app. Highly recommended!"
Miki Kuusi, Co-Founder of Slush




"The Steerpath team is exceptional. They are fast, sharp, and enjoyable to work with. Your expectations will be exceeded.” Read more
Benjamin Marasco, CEO of Pathpoint


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