Workplace Assistant

Steerpath Workplace Assistant is the solution for modern offices with activity-based workspaces, hot desks, collaboration spaces, and lean working methods.

It helps employees to find the nearest available workspace for any ad-hoc space need they have during the day, starting from locating a desk in the morning to find a phone booth for that incoming phone calls. With Steerpath Workplace Assistant, your employees can find a space for themselves where-ever and when-ever, rush hour or not.

The Workplace Assistant uses Steerpath Smart Building Platform, which connects with various data sources such as:

  • Google G Suite room booking status

  • Microsoft Office 365 room booking status

  • Real time occupancy sensors

  • Proprietary systems through open REST API

It allows users to experience the campus and its services through one unified interface.

Book a space in 5 seconds

Not just better space utilization but happier employees due to lowered stress and noise levels in working areas! Instant booking transforms how employees use flexible spaces created for them. The staff knows they can find a space within seconds with zero hassle, regardless of the area is needed for an ad-hoc meeting, conference call attendance, or for an urgent incoming phone call.

The personal mobile application supports Single Sign On (SSO) with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 accounts. Users can find and book a meeting room quickly without the need to open a calendar or outlook.

With ad-hoc spaces such as phone booths, the user clicks a button to find the closest free space and after that, walks into space. Space is automatically reserved without the need for additional manual booking.

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