Indoor navigation and Maps

Indoor and Outdoor maps

No indoor space is truly separate from surrounding world. Steerpath maps have global maps with support for unlimited amount of indoor space and buildings. A simple example is a university or hospital campus with tens or in some cases hundreds of buildings. Steerpath maps, positioning and wayfinding is designed to provide intuitive and seamless experience in these complex indoor & outdoor environments.


Manage maps easily

Keeping your maps and point of interests up to date is simple using the web based map management interface. Change room or shop names and modify geometries easily with just couple of clicks. After publishing new version of maps it is immediately available on all platforms and devices from mobile apps to web pages and info screens. Map management interface uses the same REST interfaces that are available for 3rd party integrations.

indoor map editor

Integrate with external systems

Steerpath map platform provides full set of REST APIs to easily integrate your existing systems with the maps. Do you have room booking system that needs location of each room? No problem, using the simple backend API your room booking system can query location of each room using the room number and have the room booking status shown on the map. University campus app Aalto Space is a good example of this.

Automated map generation - Digitising maps in masses

Have more than just one building? Need to create and manage digital maps for tens, hundreds or thousands of buildings? Contact us, we are happy to show how we can automate your map management creating savings in both time and cost.

Vector maps - Say no to pixelated maps!

Steerpath stores all map data in vector format. It also visualizes the maps in vector format. No more blurry images or hardcoded texts. With Steerpath text labels are always in right orientation, not upside down when you choose to rotate the map!

Omnichannel wayfinding - Apps, Web, Info screens

Manage your venue maps and wayfinding in one place, having always up-to-date information for your visitors and staff no matter if they prefer apps, web or onsite screens. Steerpath mapping and wayfinding SDKs are used in interactive Kiosks, Apps, Websites and Dashboards making it possible to serve all stakeholders with one positioning and mapping platform.

Interactive Kiosk info screen with search with routing.

Interactive Slush 2017 map with routing and location sharing to social media.

Rotation, Zoom and Pan

Yes, these are supported on all platforms
(Android, iOS and Web).